RDP Security Manager

price 19,90 EUR

RDP Security Manager


With the purchase of the RDP Security Manager license you will receive a Bitbuster Central ID account from where you can manage RDP Security Manager for an unlimited number of computers.

The license is for life and includes 12 months of free updates to the new versions. It does not include the Ipstack service which is an external third-party service and is available in free and paid mode.

Payment is managed through a secure Paypal site. Once the payment is complete, in the following hours you will receive the access data to the Bitbuster Central control panel where you can withdraw the ID necessary to activate RDP Security Manager.

Minimum requirements:

- Windows 7 or higher

- Windows Server 2016 or higher

- Windows Firewall enabled

It does not interfere with existing antivirus, it does not work with firewalls other than Windows Firewall

30-day money back guarantee with no motivation requests